In October of 2018 Jim released his 8th Album, Nick Dean’s Barn! You can find segments under the Music Tab!


“I’ve worked harder and longer at this songwriting business than I’ve worked at any other job in my life. Growing up on a working farm and later becoming a long distance runner probably gave me a taste of the discipline demanded of a daily writing practice.” Songs, once written though, are meant to be shared. So, while Jim’s focus during the 12 years since his first release has been on songwriting and recording, he has also continued to perform solo gigs, open for others, do radio interviews, fundraisers, open stages and participate regularly in songwriting circles in Montreal and Ottawa.

Robinson is quick to acknowledge his indebtedness to his early musical influences as well as the help and support he’s had along the way, firstly from his longtime life and musical partner Susan Fowler. “ Lyrically and musically Susan has been my go-to person for her extraordinary ability to get at the heart of matters, asking me the right questions - the ones I may not like but need to hear and find invaluable. Secondly from Jason Lang who has produced or co-produced all 8 of my CDs. He has been my musical ally whose imagination, energy and enthusiasm, and exceptional musical and vocal skills have variously contributed to the particular arrangements each song seemed to call for.”

 “What keeps me going is the nature and possibility of relationship with others that music and songs provide. It’s kind of mysterious,” Jim observes, “personally I can be discouraged, tired, angry, afraid, embarrassed, lonely and pick up my guitar and start singing and something good happens, regardless of whether the song I play is sad, upbeat or ironic.” Which brings us back to his latest release: “Sometimes it seems like the best thing I can do for myself when faced with one of life’s awkward or painful situations is to try to find the humour in it and that’s what I’ve tried to do and share in “Still in the Game,” this latest collection.”