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All the Way Home (2006)

If Jim's second album, working in the dark, is a look inward, all the way home takes the listener back out into the world again. A topical, colourful collection of urban snapshots, Jim's third collaboration with Jason Lang is an eclectic musical tour -- from our living room down to the corner deli, along a street to nowhere, with stopovers at a karaoke church service, a school for heartbreakers, and a walk through Paris in springtime.

In the same whimsical spirit as Jim's liner note drawings, Jason colours these songs with a sparkling assortment of instrumental tracks -- an evocative combination of contemporary folk stylings crossed with circular African rhythms and oriental motifs. Jim's signature straight-forward vocal performance is complemented by Jason's warm textured backups, his imaginative guitar and piano playing, plus mandolin, ukelele and tin flute tracks.

All in all, a bright upbeat expression of a contemporary journey home.