Still in the Game

From the opening harmonica strains of the rockabilly Savannah (the girl who had a thing for garbage collectors) to the calypso swing of Out Of My Mind (about the illusion that sooner or later we’re going to find the perfect lover) to the cool groove of Me and the Econoline (about the deeply personal relationship that exists between a musician and his van), Jim goes on to sing about the complexities of romantic relationships when ideals are shattered, the inevitable impossibility of always walking the straight and narrow, and the sometimes stressful first meeting with one’s potential in-laws. He reminds us that as the infrastructure breaks down (Movin’ Again), the rich get richer, the poor poorer and the middle class gets squeezed out we find ourselves in a Mother of a Jam. And yet there’s hope: life is both tragedy and comedy and some songs (Your Dog My Cat, Still in the Game) remind us not to take ourselves too seriously.